Online Training Systems

A web-based online training system is an incredible time saver. It's applications in the areas of employee orientation, safety and operations training are endless. 

One Potential Application

Problem: Most large companies have an HR manager and a Safety director who must do new hire orientation presentations before new employees can start their jobs. These presentations are usually only done once or twice per month. This time bottleneck can delay new employees from starting for up to a full month.

Solution: An online training system that new hires can complete at home prior to beginning the job. The system utilizes online videos of the HR manager and/or the Safety director (or professional talent) presenting the employee training. The videos are broken up into small sections. The video pauses at at appropriate places to ask a multiple choice question based on what was just viewed. A correct answer advances to the next video section. An incorrect answer replays the video at the appropriate point to display the relevant information again. Users must answer all questions correctly to complete the training session. At the end of the training session, an email is sent to the HR and Safety managers indicating that the new hire has completed the training sessions. The employee can now simply show up and sign documentation verifying that they have completed and understood the required training. The system is continuously modifiable as information requirements change.



(computer or pad devices only)